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June 22nd, 2012
good god it’s hot

We headed home early, unable to deal with another night of lost sleep. The lack of sleep and extreme heat (hello 90+ degrees) caused my itching to get out of control. The Peanut’s friend was up on and off from 1-5 and the Peanut was up at 530 – but completely unhappy about it. We all packed and made it out of town by 11 – the Peanut crashing in the car before we left town.

The heat wave was worse inland and our house is a sweatbox. The Chop brought up the a/c for our room and I’ve barely left it since. Ugh. Summer. Why are you mean to pregnant people??

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June 15th, 2012
how do we handle two?

The Peanut had an overnight play date with his best buddy… and oh boy, the Chop and I are not sure we’re prepared for two kids, lol. They were so fun, but by the time they went to bed, the Chop was too tired to work and I had to force myself to get some things done.

We’ve been discussing what happens once the Bean is born – due date January 25, 2013 – and at this point he’s either quitting his part time job, or we must find a nanny to come in three days a week. Or both, lol.

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