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March 3rd, 2013
seven months

August, 2012: We had the monster of all trips planned: 15 days, three states, three plane rides and a wedding. It went better and worse than expected. The first part was a family vacation at a cabin with the Chop’s family. It was tough – the Peanut slept in our room, there wasn’t a lot for him to do and none of us got much sleep. The second part was to visit my family, but it was short and led into the third part – a wedding another state away, where the Chop came down sick and I found out the bride wanted me to photograph the whole thing the day of. It was the longest trip of our life – we came home exhausted and the Peanut’s sleep schedule was screwed for weeks.

September, 2012: My parents did the final move up north. I picked up my Mom and sister at the airport at 8PM and headed up to her new place, reaching our hotel by midnight. The next day we visited the new place and cleaned like crazy (the previous owners had not cleaned as they left – oy veh) late into the night. The movers arrived the next day. Then my parents’ good friends arrived to help for a couple of days. The whole ordeal was, quite frankly, a shitshow and I was so happy to head home. The Peanut had missed me.

October, 2012: We went to Mexico with my family. It was awesome, the Peanut loved it, but the day we came home he got sick. And proceeded to hurl on me in the plane – after he demanded I carry him through the airport in Dallas and through customs (while six months pregnant). The flight from Dallas was a nightmare, but then he got sick in the car on the ride home… and I got stopped for speeding (of course I did), with my mother, father, husband and sick child in the car. The state trooper chastised me (I was crying on the way home, hello hormones) for being a bad mother (essentially), but nicely gave me just a warning. The Peanut’s birthday (which was supposed to be the day after we got back) was postponed, and then canceled. Poor guy was sick for almost two weeks.

November, 2012: I turned 30. Wow. And got to celebrate by being pregnant, lol. The pregnancy was really kicking my ass – itchy and exhausted were the two main issues.

December, 2012: My Mom came down for the weekend and watched the Peanut while the Chop and I spent two nights away for our anniversary. The first night we slept from midnight until 3PM the next afternoon – yeah, sleep deprivation is a killer. We spent Christmas up north with my parents and sister and her boyfriend – it was fun, but terribly exhausting and stressful. My Mom is not loving living up north and the Peanut didn’t sleep well… and neither did I. Ugh, pregnancy.

January, 2013: My due date came and went, but three days later we induced when my blood pressure rose slightly. January 29 brought the Bean into our lives and as with the Peanut, the months of pregnancy were completely, utterly worth it.

February, 2013: The first month of being the parents of two was monumental for us. My Mom and sister came out to help us (thankfully) and had a wonderful time with the Peanut, playing with him, taking him out and introducing him to children’s CDs in the car. They cooked, cleaned and held the Bean, and when they left we were bereft. My Mom came back (she was supposed to be here the full month, but went home after two weeks to see my Dad and got sick – she ended up staying up there for a week instead of two days), but then left again to go back west for two weeks. She’ll be back mid-March for a few days, which we’ll love for the extra sleep, but then she’s heading back home indefinitely. Oy.

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April 19th, 2011
what a day

We maintain websites at several locations, but we tend to suggest one particular server company… and right now they are down due to a nameserver issue. I’ve received 5 panicked phone calls from different clients… and multiple emails… but sadly, there is nothing I can do. So I sit and wait, constantly refreshing the “information update” page, following the company’s tweets, wondering just how bad this day is going to be.

Earlier I noticed someone was having a birthday on Facebook… so I went to post on their wall, and I was unable to see it. Did they do that on purpose? I don’t believe she likes me very much… we went to college together, but since then our lives have taken very different roads. I’ve often wondered if she’s just mad I parlayed my degree into running my own business and doing pretty well at it. She comments occasionally on pictures of the ‘Nut, and says she wants to meet him, but never goes farther than that (ie, actually meeting him).

Our honeymoon ended up being awesome, even though we missed the Peanut terribly. Italy was amazing – we really loved Pompeii, Venice and Florence. The food in Florence… wowza. I would move there for that alone, lol. Venice, we loved the atmosphere, but didn’t particularly love the food (very fishy-tasting seafood). Rome was hectic, but we stayed off the beaten trail and had wonderful cappuccinos and food (cheaper than being in the center of Rome) every day.

Now we’re back home with the Peanut, who’s growing way too fast. He’s starting to crawl(ish) backward, is crazy vocal and loves almost all the food he gets (peas = not so much). My parents loved being here while we were gone, and I’m pretty sure my mom would move here in a heartbeat, if she could only convince my dad.

Present from his Texan grandfather
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