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June 20th, 2010
ah, fathers, lucky bastards

Today it is 87 degrees, well on it’s way to being way-too-fucking-hot-to-live, and so the Chop is celebrating Father’s Day by sitting on the couch in front of the air conditioner. It’s supposed to be high 80s all week, which really sucks when you’re pregnant.

The Peanut has gotten very good at kicking regularly now, and slowly but surely, my belly button is getting shallower—which is really bizarre. I read an article the other day about how, yes, a lot of women love pregnancy, but a lot of women really hate it. It’s uncomfortable, painful, hot and irritating—and yeah, I think I fall into group B. Pregnancy? Not my favorite thing. I’m looking forward to having a baby, but the nine months wait time is a pain in the freaking ass.

An old friend of ours recently had a pre-eclampsia event that resulted in her delivering by C-section right around 29 weeks (she was four weeks farther along than me). The baby is doing great, no longer intubated I believe and now that he’s a week old, about 2 lbs. I know it’s stressful for them, but part of me thinks, hmm, early delivery might not be so bad.

My goal is 35 weeks—the doctors have discussed inducing me a bit early depending on my liver—which means I have 10 weeks to go. 10 of the hottest weeks of the summer, sigh, 10 weeks where I have to ideally finish four major projects. Ugh.

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February 14th, 2010
happy birthday hubby

Yesterday was the Chop’s 35th birthday—and now he claims to feel old. As in, downward slope to 40, no longer in his early 30s, OLD. I, of course, find that hilarious—partially because I haven’t hit 30 yet and partially because he looks like he hasn’t hit 30 yet. Damn good genes, I say.

I made poached eggs and grits, got him coffee from Starbucks and we watched movies all day until we went out to dinner—then we came home, watched another movie and ate cake. We’re crazy party people, I know. It’s sad, lol.

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December 31st, 2009
ode to 2009

2009 has been equal parts awesome and awful. I can’t remember any other, aside from perhaps 2006 (sick, but met the Chop) and 2003 (my Nana died/my sister got divorced, but moved to the East Coast), where there was such an equal amount of good and bad.

We elected a new president, and although it hasn’t been all roses, I’m still glad he’s it.
We started planning the wedding and getting pressure for our “no gift” policy. Sigh. And I lit our oven on fire.

We picked our wedding spot, caterers and photographer—and they all turned out to be absolutely perfect.
A dear friend lost her husband.

We went on vacation in Ireland, which was amazing. Even though I have a little bitterness about not moving there, lol.
My dryer crapped out, three of our favorite restaurants closed and, oh yeah, that 15% pay cut. Damn the recession.

We went and saw David Sedaris, the world was introduced to Susan Boyle and the Chop and I decided to start house hunting.
I had to go to Vegas for our conference; we put an offer on a house that turned out to be the lemon of the century (hello $30k in fixes)… and so we pulled out.

Went to a very entertaining wedding of a good friend—and on the same day, found the house we would buy.
We house-hunted every weekend.

Bought our house, switched states and marked four years of blogging.
Moved out of my favorite place and left my home of four years.

Quit one job and got another. Kept the other job as a client for more money and less pain—win, win.
The dog decided to inaugurate the house by using the basement as her personal toilet—very. bad.

Oh god, the wedding planning. And the DMV. And the lack of air conditioning. August was rough.

Convinced my parents I should be able to wear red at my wedding. Built the wedding website.
Wedding planning. Hell. Went dress shopping. Double hell. Worked like a dog.

Went to TX, where my awesome godmother made my VERY RED dress!
Worked like a dog. Went to ME with my mom and sister—where we fought constantly. Tried to convince Chop that we should elope already goddamnit.

Went back to WA for a bridal shower, where my awesome cousin surprised me, which was lovely. My family came for Thanksgiving, which was also surprisingly lovely.
Counted down to the wedding, with all the insanity and annoyances that came with it. Worked like a dog.

Got MARRIED—now I get to wear an additional shiny, shiny ring. Went to MN for Christmas and had so much fun. Am planning to spend New Year’s happily ensconced at home, with my husband.
Went through so much insanity during the week of the wedding—and the wedding. Dealt with every possible crisis that could come up. Am still exhausted from the entire year.

Very happily got married, which made the entire year worth it.
Isn’t my husband the cutest?

June 22nd, 2009
new house, new state

On Wednesday the Chop and I close on our new house in MA. I’ve lived in RI since I moved to the east coast six years ago.. in fact, I’ve lived within the same 20 miles the entire time.. and it’s starting to hit me how weird it’s going to be. We’re moving over an hour north, closer to work for both of us, right on the commuter line into Boston and in a great town near good friends, so we’re happy.. but it’s still an adjustment.

We’ve been hitting all our favorite restaurants for the past couple of weeks, and packing like fiends. My mom is coming out (yay, mom) on Thursday to help us move/clean/etc. and we hope to be totally out of here by Sunday morning.

The house is gorgeous and we were incredibly lucky to find it, as a contractor owned it before us and he did loads of updates (three bathrooms, refrigerator and freezer drawers, landscaping, etc.). If it wasn’t for the recession (boo, recession), we wouldn’t have been able to afford it for five more years (or anything in the town for that matter). I’ve attached some photos below from the listing sheet, and hopefully by this time next week I’ll have some we took ourselves.

And for something totally random… my four-year blog anniversary is the 25th, the day we close on the house. Interesting… :)


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October 26th, 2008
in case it wasn’t clear… we’re engaged!

So the Chop proposed Friday night (and yes, I said yes, lol), and while normally I’d be happy as a clam, my parents were not as enthused as I would’ve preferred

Instead, my parents gave me a bit of grief because the Chop didn’t ask permission for my hand—I should note that I find this practice archaic and told him he didn’t have too, and in fact, I’d prefer if he didn’t. Unfortunately do to that, my parents were, according to them, “very surprised.” Which I also find odd, as we’ve been dating for two years and have mentioned several times we planned to marry.

Whatever. Friends, my cousin and his relatives were very happy and congratulatory, so I am holding on to that, and ignoring the less-than-heartfelt congrats from the parents. Figures anyway, lol.

It’s verrrrrry shiny… :) That solves a lot of problems, lol.

July 22nd, 2008
of jobs and houses

So the Chop got a full time job (yeah, it’s been awhile), but the crappy thing is I was really used to having someone else at the house with me all day. Sigh. Now it’s just me and the crazy animals and honestly, they are not the best conversationalists without Chop to do their voices.

I’m starting to check out the area where he’s working (50 miles north), and aside from central air and no oil (omg, the oil bills), my house preferences aren’t very specific. Well, it’d be nice if it was perfect and only cost $200,000, but I know when I’m beat, lol.

We’re both still doing a lot of contract work, hence the silence. After you’ve spent 12 hours straight working, you lose your will to update a blog. :)

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March 13th, 2008
open to suggestions

As per usual, life around here is very… slow, lol. Aside from working, I spend quite a bit of time looking at homes in the D.C. area, as that is where Chop’s interview is next week. He had one today and another one earlier this week (that resulted in a 1-2 month-long contract job which will give us moving money, is necessary), but the most interesting one will be on Monday.

The fun thing about this is that I have college friends in D.C., so I’m not at all averse to the prospect of moving there. In fact, there’ll be all sorts of insanity happening on St. Patrick’s Day while we’re down there, which I am greatly anticipating.

While I’m trying not to plan too far ahead (Porkchop is probably laughing at that, as I’m a planner and am driving him bananas), I’ve started looking at places to live down there, so if anyone has suggestions, please let me know.

Granted, he might a) not get this job and b) want to take another job, but I’m still going to have contingency plans ready!

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March 4th, 2008
phone interviews

One of the things that attracted me to the Porkchop was his voice. He has a very nice voice.

That being said, this is the goddamn second phone interview I’ve heard him have with a female and WTF, they ALL FLIRT WITH HIM.

And he does his sexy laugh and I want to smack him upside the head. They all seem to think he’s funny and adorable. I mean granted, he is, but hello, wtf, professionalism anyone?

And I’m talking to BOTH of them. :P

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March 7th, 2007
playing the waiting game

This past week the Porkchop and I were in NYC for several days.

There was work, good food, Canal Street (the Chop, once again, was very sad) and… my sister, who was in NYC with her boyfriend, on a little vacation.

Her boyfriend, who, I might add, does not understand the Northeast winters and had to purchase ear muffs and gloves the second day in town. lol

We partied, got drunk, ate at Craft (Tom Colicchio’s restaurant… you know, Chef Tom from Top Chef) —which was fantastic, except for the veal cheeks (which the sister ordered), shopped Canal (you got about 10 purses, right sis?), um got drunk again and sucked down a tasty frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity.

Now, we’re home, mostly recuperated, and debating a move into a very cute little cottage in a town closer to our friends.

I’ve hesitated writing about this place, after the last time I wanted a really cute little cottage by the water and it was given to a more deserving person… this one is right on the water, complete with patio, washer and dryer, space for a dog, attic and basement, gorgeous hardwood floors, cathedral ceilings and a dishwasher.

We find out tomorrow or Friday if we get it, or if it goes to someone else.

The waiting game is excruciating.

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February 13th, 2007
porkchop turns 32!

That somebody’s birthday is… TODAY!

And he’s.. oh my gosh, wait for it, wait for it.. so freaking old.

Yes, ladies and gents, the Porkchop turned 32 today. And for a porkchop.. whew, that’s right up there.


Happy Birthday dear. :*

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