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July 8th, 2012
attachment parenting is insane

After numerous up and downs, we let the Peanut sleep in our bed. And let me just say, the people who do that regularly? Insane. He kicks in his sleep, he likes to sleep horizontal across the bed, he likes to burrow under part of you (and then be offended when you move) and he’s quite good at pushing us both to the very edge of the bed.

With that and the baby, I’ve felt like death all day. I took a nap at 1 and didn’t get up until almost 4. And I still feel like I’m sleepwalking.

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July 7th, 2012
it’s because he’s so damn tall

The squirrel monkey climbed out of his crib at 3AM (crying the whole time, naturally) and slept between us in bed. Sigh. He’s obviously been lulling us into feeling secure about his sleep habits, as he’s slept, by himself, from 7 to (roughly) 7 since he was six months old. This nonsense is bananas.

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June 23rd, 2012
heat, heat go away.

The admin of this site has been mysteriously showing up blank – and everything I post via email has been stuck in some sort of weird limbo. I’ve once again replaced all the files with new, but I’m at a loss as to why it keeps happening. One of our work sites has had a similar problem, but I fixed it once and boom, good as new. This site has shut down twice now – wtf?

It’s hot again today – ugh. The Chop let me sleep, thank god, and now the Peanut and I are hiding out in the cooler bedroom. Heat waves I can definitely do without.

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June 22nd, 2012
good god it’s hot

We headed home early, unable to deal with another night of lost sleep. The lack of sleep and extreme heat (hello 90+ degrees) caused my itching to get out of control. The Peanut’s friend was up on and off from 1-5 and the Peanut was up at 530 – but completely unhappy about it. We all packed and made it out of town by 11 – the Peanut crashing in the car before we left town.

The heat wave was worse inland and our house is a sweatbox. The Chop brought up the a/c for our room and I’ve barely left it since. Ugh. Summer. Why are you mean to pregnant people??

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June 14th, 2012
it’s not even Friday, sigh

I had an extremely WTF day that started with multiple WP sites having blank admin areas – including this one – and dying cron jobs. Lovely, I thought, what a way to begin.

Then the grocery store I drove 30 minutes too with a yelling baby was out of his milk (un-homogenized, blame my Dad), the Peanut refused to sit in the cart and had to be held throughout the store as I was shopping, then he yelled on the way home. We stopped at the park (some yelling, but mostly playing), then he yelled on the way home from the park. Then the Chop was giving him dinner and every time his cereal bowl was empty, he yelled some more. Triple his usual serving later, plus a cup of yogurt, he finally stopped yelling. Removing his main food source (milk) is going to be a daily struggle, sigh.

For more fun, I had a weird conversation with a client whose boss was upset I un-friended him on FB. I never talk to him for work (twice in two years), I never talk to him on FB (I had friended him to fix an issue on his business page) and I was cleaning out the clutter at the beginning of the month and thought NOTHING of removing him. Apparently he was flipping out about it, certain I had been offended or that I didn’t want to work with them anymore. Again I say, W.T.F.

What a day.

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June 11th, 2012
oh just kill me now

At some point in the past week I either:

a) got poison ivy
b) got bit by sand fleas
c) got bit by chiggers or
d) got stung by stinging nettles

My legs are covered in huge welts, the itching is driving me mad and it’s hot, which means I don’t want to wear pants – pants that would prevent me from scratching.


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June 7th, 2012
sick, sick, sick

The little fish inside is making me ill all day long, just like last time. You’d think I’d be used to it, but sadly, no. It makes working so hard, as sitting upright is a struggle.

You’d think after hundreds of years of children being born the medical field would’ve figured out how to make it easier.

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May 29th, 2012
onward to the weeds

We start each week here with grand plans. We’re going to finish picking up leaves (shut up) in the yard, pull weeds, clean the house, finally take this or that to the dump, not take naps when the Peanut does because he was up at 6AM and we didn’t go to bed until 2 and both of us get up when he gets up so we can work and go to bed at a reasonable hour. We give up on the both-of-us-getting-up by Monday and the no-naps by Tuesday (mainly the Chop, but I do occasionally try to sneak one in when it’s my turn to get up and I’ve slept four hours, wtf), but we try in vain all weekend to clean the house, go to the dump and do yard work. It’s not that we don’t have good intentions, we just find hanging out with the Peanut – and sleeping in – more entertaining by the time the weekend rolls around.

Holiday weekends are my favorite. I feel like Sunday is Saturday, so I can clean and the Chop can go to the dump and we can take the Peanut to the park and I don’t have to bust my butt to work all night… because Monday no one calls me. No one calls, mostly no one emails and I have a day to work on big or overdue projects. We still get to play outside and the Chop gets a nap and I get several blissfully uninterrupted hours.

Then it’s Tuesday and there are only three more days left of the week and yeah, the weeding is probably not getting done. But we did go to Home Depot and buy a bin for clippings and a wheelbarrow for hauling and a new wading pool for the Peanut, so this weekend, we shall tackle the damn yard.

Don’t buy a house with a quarter acre of beautifully manicured, loaded with flowers and plants, yard. If you don’t have time to weed and whatever the hell it is they do in the spring and the fall, you’ll spend an arm and a leg on someone who does.

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May 24th, 2012
banks are jerks

After 12 years at a major bank, my sister and her entire department have been laid off. She’s understandably pissed and hurt, but also looking forward to a change. They gave her eight months of severance (which is awesome), but it only starts after she stays there for 60 more days. 60 days of doing, according to her, nothing.

She’s been organizing her personal email, reading books and being cranked. It’s odd to me that they’d make her continue working for two months – especially when they really don’t have that much for her to do – and it’s irritating to her. She has to drive/train almost an hour every day to sit in an office and read a book. Boo.

On the plus side, she now is on iChat all the time, so the Peanut and I can harass her. :) It’s the little things!

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May 11th, 2012
who’s listening in

Multiple ambulances, fire trucks and cops sped by our house a few hours ago. They were so loud and so bright and they just kept coming… we were sure the Peanut would wake up. We went to the news to see what was going on, but we’re not in a big city, so we came up with nothing. But then the Chop pulled out his phone, said “I have a police and fire scanner APP,” and we proceeded to listen in (along with 71 other people).

A three car accident, teenagers it sounds like, and two LifeFlights were called in. One cop on the band gave another the address of one of the kid’s parents and told them to go tell them. He gave turn-by-turn directions and we were surprised to hear that the parents live just a few streets from us, on a road we take walks on almost every day.

Is it normal for the cops to say names of people involved in accidents over the radio? What if her parents were listening and heard them say their name? Is it normal to give out the full address and directions? Shouldn’t the band be protected in some way?

I felt like such a voyeur, and it was so interesting, but my god, I hope I never hear my name.

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