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June 14th, 2012
it’s not even Friday, sigh

I had an extremely WTF day that started with multiple WP sites having blank admin areas – including this one – and dying cron jobs. Lovely, I thought, what a way to begin.

Then the grocery store I drove 30 minutes too with a yelling baby was out of his milk (un-homogenized, blame my Dad), the Peanut refused to sit in the cart and had to be held throughout the store as I was shopping, then he yelled on the way home. We stopped at the park (some yelling, but mostly playing), then he yelled on the way home from the park. Then the Chop was giving him dinner and every time his cereal bowl was empty, he yelled some more. Triple his usual serving later, plus a cup of yogurt, he finally stopped yelling. Removing his main food source (milk) is going to be a daily struggle, sigh.

For more fun, I had a weird conversation with a client whose boss was upset I un-friended him on FB. I never talk to him for work (twice in two years), I never talk to him on FB (I had friended him to fix an issue on his business page) and I was cleaning out the clutter at the beginning of the month and thought NOTHING of removing him. Apparently he was flipping out about it, certain I had been offended or that I didn’t want to work with them anymore. Again I say, W.T.F.

What a day.

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