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June 1st, 2012
and away we go

After dinner we let the Peanut scurry down the sidewalk from the restaurant, one of his favorite things to do (sidewalks are super! cool!). He walked up to a group of guys eating at an outside table and said, “Hi!” They smiled and said hi back, chuckling a little at his exuberance. He smiled and continued on his way, stopping only when the sidewalk ended – and I told him he had to turn around.

We had his first scheduled date with the occupational therapist this morning. They sat on the floor and played; he was delighted at all the new toys that came out of her bag. It’s an interesting thing to sit and watch your child play with a “teacher” in your house. Do we play too? Do we intercede at any point? He came over to us a couple of times and sat in our laps, but for the most part he happily played.

Her goal is to work with him on communicating more, something that’s odd to me, as he communicates pretty well in my opinion. Except that they think it’s more we know how to read him, so it’s less about him and more about us. We know when he’s hungry or tired or done with dinner; we know when he wants to read or play or be left to his own devices. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do with toddlers?

Her one takeaway from the day that she mentioned to us was that he likes to be in control (LOL) and perhaps that’s why he fights eating. He doesn’t get to control much, but he can certainly control what goes in his mouth. I can’t fault him there, being in control is embedded in his genes from my side of the family.

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