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May 30th, 2012
it’s always pouring

Back in 2006, right after I left my first “career-oriented” job, I had the best summer. I went to the beach with my friend J (a lot – we were so tan), slept in, read hundreds of books and went to see live music a couple of times a week. As the weeks progressed, I took on a couple of contract jobs and went on half a dozen interviews, fully prepared to receive a job offer at any moment, but certain I would defer the start date until after my summer of fun was over. I hadn’t had such a relaxing summer since I turned 15 and started to work.

It took a few months longer to get a job and once I did, I was more than happy to start. Having nothing to do is fun – but only for a little while. Then it becomes tedious.

There are some days I wish I was back at that point, career-wise, having a few months with nothing to do but play with the Peanut and go on play dates to every conceivable baby-friendly location within 50 miles. Today is most definitely one of those days. The build-a-site-in-two-days and also we have twelve other HIGHLY important projects that need to be completed and oh, did you have other clients… too bad – kind of day.

But I know tomorrow I’ll be glad to wake up and know that we have enough work to ensure we won’t have trouble paying the bills.

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