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May 14th, 2012
do they got us?

When I was a kid, I used to listen to songs on repeat, watch the same movie over and over and read the same book a hundred times. I know now that’s normal and how kids learn the world around them – I also know it drove my parents insane, lol.

Newsies was one of those movies that we (my sister, I, my best friend Em) watched religiously. Once a week for months we’d sit in front of the TV, absorbed in what we considered the best movie of all time. We sang the songs, attempted to dance the dances, dissected the love interest… there was literally nothing about that movie we hadn’t memorized. We each had a favorite (Jack, Spot, Davey) and passionately defended our choices (as girls of a certain age are want to do).

The minute the music started on Broadway last night, my sister and I were transported back to our youth. We grinned and cheered through the entire production (as did everyone in the audience), sang along with some of the music and talked nonstop about how great it was during intermission. They changed part of the story (bulking up the love interest and removing Bill Pullman’s character – a sacrilege), which made us sad – but we still loved it.

I hope it runs for years.

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