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May 11th, 2012
who’s listening in

Multiple ambulances, fire trucks and cops sped by our house a few hours ago. They were so loud and so bright and they just kept coming… we were sure the Peanut would wake up. We went to the news to see what was going on, but we’re not in a big city, so we came up with nothing. But then the Chop pulled out his phone, said “I have a police and fire scanner APP,” and we proceeded to listen in (along with 71 other people).

A three car accident, teenagers it sounds like, and two LifeFlights were called in. One cop on the band gave another the address of one of the kid’s parents and told them to go tell them. He gave turn-by-turn directions and we were surprised to hear that the parents live just a few streets from us, on a road we take walks on almost every day.

Is it normal for the cops to say names of people involved in accidents over the radio? What if her parents were listening and heard them say their name? Is it normal to give out the full address and directions? Shouldn’t the band be protected in some way?

I felt like such a voyeur, and it was so interesting, but my god, I hope I never hear my name.

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