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April 29th, 2012
always answer your phone

My mom messaged me at 11PM to say she couldn’t find my dad – he wasn’t answering his phone or email, etc. Next thing I know my mom, sister and I are on a Skype video call, debating how to track him down. He’s up at their new town by himself while my mom finishes packing them up for the move… and she hadn’t heard from him in seven hours.

One thing about my dad is that he ALWAYS answers his phone. If he’s sleeping, working, etc., he always picks up. I’ve requested sleepover permission when he was operating and woken him from a dead sleep at 3AM because I was sick – it’s a constant, the phone gets answered.

I called his new job… he wasn’t there, and he wasn’t on call. So my mom called his landlord (he’s renting until they finish the move), and he headed over to check. Then I called his job back to see what his extension was (perhaps he was in his office working) and she informed me that my uncle had called and they were paging him and going to send the cops for a welfare check.

The key word here is “paging.” None of us knew they’d issued him a pager.

Thirty minutes after I was brought in to this debacle, my dad texted my sister and called my mom. He’d gotten the page.. his phone had died (it’s new and he’s still figuring it out) and he’d been working on his work computer, so he hadn’t seen his emails. Sigh.

Much hilarity ensued, particularly when we told him his brother had called the cops. And I uh, accidentally mentioned his gun on a voicemail I left at his office… oopsie.

The Porkchop was warning off my sister’s boyfriend… stay away from these women. They will NEVER leave you alone!


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