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April 27th, 2012
boo and yay and ugh

The evil house has struck again. Our dog stumbled playing frisbee and ruptured her cranial cruciate ligament in her knee. We have to call an orthopedic surgeon on Monday — she’s currently high on pain meds — and then we’ll end up shelling out around $3K for surgery. Ugh.

The bummer is that we were having a fantastic day. The Peanut decided to feed himself yogurt from a spoon and ate Rice Chex and Cheerios (only a few, and eaten individually – but PROGRESS!).

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  1. One of our dogs had CCL surgery back in February. Here’s my tips for keeping yourself sane through the recovery:

    – Shop around. We had quotes ranging from $700-2500 for surgery at various clinics. Also, out of curiosity, what type of surgery are you having done? Tightrope?

    – Be prepared for another surgery, either in another leg or the same leg. Apparently the surgery makes it much more likely to have meniscus problems. Our dog still hops around more often than not.

    – Take it sloooow on the recovery. I don’t really think there’s such a thing as too slow.

    – Ask your vet about doggy glucosamine. Ours will be on the pills for the rest of his life.

    – Rehab may include massage, water walking, and a whole lot of dog looking at you with big sad eyes when he can’t go out to play.

    Comment by Moocow — Tuesday.May.1.2012 @ 4:11 pm

  2. We took her in today for the appointment with the surgeon and she went over three different procedures. Unfortunately she thinks Regina needs tibial tuberosity advancement, because she has two torn ligaments and the meniscal tear – and she thinks this will be the best option for regaining full mobility – and that one is ballparked at $3K. (She drew us pictures, lol)

    She’s actually on Glycoflex because of a joint injury she suffered before we got her – to bad it’s not preventative, sigh.

    They said 8 weeks for recovery – which seems long to me, but now you’re making me nervous that it’s not long enough.

    Comment by the insider — Tuesday.May.1.2012 @ 4:51 pm

  3. We carried 50 pounds of squirmy dog up and down a flight of stairs every time the dog needed to go outside, and so 8 weeks felt like an eternity. When Regina does go back to “normal” take it slow. Like going for a walk around the house on a leash kind of slow.

    You’re probably in fairly good shape since you, you know, have an actual baby, but we bought a couple of baby gates in an attempt to keep the dog off the couch/stairs/other places he wasn’t supposed to be.

    Ugh indeed.

    Comment by Moocow — Wednesday.May.2.2012 @ 4:54 pm

  4. God that sounds like a nightmare. She fell off the porch today because she tried to jump – for literally NO reason whatsoever.

    We’re screwed because of having the actual baby, LOL – as his goal in life is to get her to play/sit/hug/lick/sleep with him.

    Comment by the insider — Friday.May.4.2012 @ 12:07 am

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