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April 22nd, 2012

My Dad started his new job on the first of April, and so far, he loves it. Loves the people, loves getting back to work, loves the area, etc. We all knew he missed working, but it’s pretty funny how much he missed working. My Mom hasn’t moved yet (neither has their stuff), so he’s alone in an apartment in a very small town, which means when he’s not working, he likes to Skype us.

He likes to Skype the Peanut actually, lol, and he likes to text us for smart phone support. I just received this message an hour ago…

BTW, how come your mother gets emails of the Peanut every day and I don’t?….just wondered….got all these gigabits of picture storage wasting away…..and only about 5 pictures of him on my new cell….

I keep telling them to get on FB, as I regularly fail to remember to email and text them pictures that I’ve already posted, but they’re still resisting. Sigh.

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