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April 9th, 2012
oh boy. this is going to be a long year.

The terrible twos are soon to be upon us, but the Peanut has decided to just go ahead and start being crazy now. His favorite tantrum position is to sit down, and then bend his entire upper body forward until his face is touching the ground. It’d be cute if it wasn’t accompanied by wailing, lol.

He likes to line up his toys on the edge of the tub during bath time, and when one fell (out of order, he prefers to dunk them one at a time), he promptly proceeded to assume his tantrum position. Except he was in a tub full of water. So down he goes, dunking his face and a couple inches of hair, and up he pops, shocked and dripping. I, of course, am laughing hysterically… THISCLOSE to peeing on the bathroom floor. He then starts sobbing and wants out of the tub (because now his favorite place has hurt his feelings), so I soap and rinse him and pull him out. But now he’s mad at me because I laughed at him, so he marches/baby runs out of the bathroom naked, loudly vocalizing how much the world hates him.

This was after a day where he threw roughly 20 tantrums, took a 30 minute nap (as opposed to his normal two hours) and generally railed against the entire house.

Fun. Times.

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