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March 29th, 2012
batteries are important

For a couple of months now, every time my laptop would get unplugged, it would shut down. No warning, no flashing message, just click and off. It drove me crazy, but we’ve been so busy that I just always kept it plugged in and only lost a little work when inevitably the cat, dog or baby would accidentally pull out the cord.

I took it in to an Apple store today and had the genius in stitches. Apparently your battery is only good for 500-600 power cycles and mine was showing over 1100 cycles. “Wasn’t this driving you crazy,” she asked, chuckling. “Yeah,” I said, “but you know, I’m almost never not near an outlet.”

After Apple, we went shopping at a few more places with my parents. My Dad is stocking up on essentials and clothes for the cold weather. To the tune of two extremely full carts at Costco. Oy veh.

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