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March 18th, 2012

We just found out that one of the Chop’s sisters is pregnant – only five weeks, so we are not allowed to discuss it yet – but oh man, I am so excited. The Peanut is going to have a cousin near his age – and even though they live rather far away, we’ll still see them once a year. The Chop is currently on the phone with her and they’re discussing names – hilariously two of the names for girls are on our list as well – and vitamins and baby Bjorns.

I’m of course interrupting repeatedly and debating how soon I’m allowed to start sending stuff. I have a plethora of gift ideas now that I’ve had a kid – good, very good, awesome gift ideas – and at this moment, one dear friend and one sister-in-law just have to find out what they’re having so I can start sending stuff.


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