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February 22nd, 2012
gotta love it

I took the Peanut to the park today to play with two of his little friends. One is an adorably precocious girl, a month younger and full of attitude; the other is a little moppet of a boy with silky hair and clumsy feet. The three of them don’t quite play together yet – more around and next to each other – but when we first arrive and they see each other, they all smile.

At this point we recognize that we are picking our son’s “friends” for him, but it’s nice to see that the ones we pick, he actually does like. We met them both in a baby gym class we do once a week, we three mothers being entertained by the helicopter parenting going on all around us. All of us are transplants to the area and have felt it quite hard to “friend” other women around here, as it’s a surprisingly cliquey group, and newcomers are not easily welcomed.

When I first moved north a couple of years ago, I complained to my cousin about this exact problem, and she told me that once we had kids, everything would change. Your kids will force you to meet people, she said, and when they’re young, it’ll be easier for you to steer them toward the kids of the people you want to be friends with.

Who knew she was so smart? ;)

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