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February 11th, 2012
rip wh

When I was a kid, my parents were extremely strict about what we watched (TV, movies) and what we heard (the radio, cassette tapes). As a result, I’m always good for a laugh when people reminisce about so-and-so and I’m left completely in the dark.

I didn’t get to see The Bodyguard until it came out on TV, and even then, my sister and I had to sneak in a viewing when my parents were working. But ever since, I’ve had a love for Whitney Houston and her voice (also Kevin Costner, hello). As it was the very early days of the Internet, I didn’t know everything about her personal life (as I do now about literally any celebrity. Seriously, if you ever meet me in person, my expanse of knowledge about the lives of celebrities would blow. your. mind.), so it never occurred to me who she was married too or that she did drugs.

I hope they find out that she died from natural causes – or a freak accident – because it’d be terribly sad to know that the world lost such a great voice because of drugs.

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