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January 17th, 2012
a sad, sad day in the world of blogging

I’ve been reading blogs for almost seven years now. Some come and some go, which seems to be the nature of the beast. It’s hard to keep blogging year after year, especially as your life changes, you add family, kids, etc. New ones come along and they’re interesting and your RSS reader fills up, and suddenly you’re having to categorize them by genre and schedule time to sift through and read. If you miss a day, the output can become overwhelming and then you only focus on your favorites.

2011 seemed a rough year for bloggers I love, bloggers who are well known and beloved (and hated) by thousands and thousands of people. A divorce. A sale. A stalker. Another divorce. And now a trial separation, which is oddly the worst of the bunch.

On one hand, it makes no sense that this would affect me as much as it does. I don’t know any of these people in person. We will, I’m sure, never meet. But I know their families, I read about their lives. I share their ups and their downs. I know the names and ages and birth weights and favorite foods of their children. I mourn when they lose family members and rejoice when a new child enters the house. I feel a kinship for them and theirs.

It’s the price you pay, I think, for reading the thoughts of others. You become invested, so much so that when the family unit separates, it’s as if your family unit has separated.

And so Heather and Jon, know that we share in your sadness and wish you the very best, together or separate.

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