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February 28th, 2010
oh olympics, how i love thee

So normally I’m not a fan of sporting events, but the Olympics are another matter altogether… I love the Olympics. I will watch them non-stop, every sport, every game and enjoy every minute of it.

We just finished watching the US/Canada gold medal hockey game and now I am bummed. Good job Canada, but damn if I wasn’t completely sad looking at the faces of the US team. Dejection is the only word to describe it. Miller the goalkeeper was so good and yet the puck slipped in—and oh, his posture, so crushed.

Incidentally the announcers are all talking about how this will hopefully make hockey more popular nationwide, and I hate to burst their bubble, but I doubt it. It was awesome, certainly, but it was for a gold medal… in the Olympics. This shit only comes along every four years!

Was definitely an awesome couple of weeks. :)


  1. my eyes glazed over about halfway through this post… not because you’re boring. but because it was sports/olympic based.

    Comment by wendykat — Sunday.February.28.2010 @ 9:30 pm

  2. ROTFL… but it’s the Olympics!! They are so freaking awesome lol

    Comment by the insider — Monday.March.1.2010 @ 10:09 am

  3. The problem is that olympic hockey is different than regular season hockey, especially if you have a team that loves the neutral zone trap and would rather tie and get a point than take a chance at winning the game. Because that could mean losing.

    Comment by luke — Monday.March.1.2010 @ 7:05 pm

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