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February 22nd, 2010
to SAM e or not to SAM e

I started SAM e yesterday and I’m frankly terrified. I’m having symptoms of being sick again, and after checking with my Dad, decided to try the treatment that worked four years ago. So far, I’ve been hardly nauseated at all and the itching is mostly gone—but no one knows what SAM e does to babies, so I’m basically freaking the fuck out.

My OBGYN isn’t in today and my LFTs (liver tests) aren’t back yet, so basically it’s take a couple of pills and hope nothing bad happens. Very discouraging, to my mind.

There’s something called cholestasis of pregnancy, where in the third trimester you get itchy and your body isn’t putting out enough bile because of the hormones. I’m pretty sure I’m experiencing that, but in my first trimester, which is probably a bad sign. It is bad for the baby, and the suggested treatment is everything that never worked for me before when I was sick—so in my mind, this treatment is the only way to help.

It’s a very disconcerting feeling, wondering if my taking the SAM e (which is an over the counter pill) will help me, but hurt the kid.

It’s very hard to be low-stress lately.

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