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February 3rd, 2010
surprises, surprises

February 3rd
Yesterday we found out that I’m pregnant. I had an inkling last week.. relatively constant nausea, total exhaustion and um, very sensitive boobs, lol. It looks like I’m about 7 weeks along—I go see a doctor next week and we’ll get a more firm answer—and my due date is September 17th.

Which means we’ll have a baby before our first anniversary lol, and a three month old at Christmas. And, oh yeah, I’ll be three and a half weeks pregnant on our honeymoon, lol.

So far it’s mainly the nausea and exhaustion that is doing me in. I’m already on prenatal vitamins, too, which are huge and NOT gel capped—wtf, hi, ill over here?!

No major cravings, I’m just eating a lot of oranges.

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