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December 11th, 2009

The temperature today hasn’t gotten over 25 degrees, and last night our heat decided to crap out on us. The oil company finally got someone out here at 4:30 PM (!!) and after 45 minutes, my house smelled of oil and I got a bill for $200. I did get heat though, so I shouldn’t complain.

Apparently you’re supposed to have the thing cleaned once a year and our fuel filters were disgusting—who knew?

In other news we’ve finally managed to get rid of most of the excess alcohol and food from our wedding (that my adorable father insisted we pack home). We ate some, threw away a lot and took all the leftover beer (that the Chop won’t drink) and opened wine to a guy at my gym. He’s 25 and lives with seven guys—I’m pretty sure it’ll be gone by the end of the evening.

Word to the wise—destination weddings mean you get stuck with EVERYTHING that’s leftover.. buy wisely! Flowers, food, drinks, stuff people forgot at the location (unless one of your new sisters-in-law offers to ship the tie of the boy she likes, hehe, helpful!), you will be in charge of dealing with it. Today I trashed three different bottles of cream, light, heavy and half ‘n half (they all smelled weird, I think four hours in the car was bad for them), three kinds of leftover sauce, leftover vegetables from the wedding, multiple quarter-packages of crackers from the numerous cheese plates by Dad prepared (one almost every morning, lol) and three half empty bottles of random juice/soda concoctions.

And this was after my sister helpfully trashed a lot of stuff when my Dad wasn’t looking.


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