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July 8th, 2009
my dog is a teenager and I don’t like it!

While the Chop and I love our new house, the dog is not adjusting well, lol. The people at her daycare say it’s behavioral… basically she’s a teenager who has been moved away from her friends and she’s acting out. How, you might wonder, does a dog act out? She defecates in the basement.

Yeah. It’s awesome. I found it the morning the cleaners were coming to clean the basement carpets, so fortunately I got it picked up, sopped up (pee and poo, fabulous) and was waiting for the carpet cleaners to do their thing all day. They did and the carpet looked great.

I scolded her, the Chop and I watched her like a hawk, we tried to close off the basement and yet, last night, she managed to sneak down and pee down there again. Deep sigh. Upstairs is all hardwoods, but the basement is finished with carpet and none of my animals have ever had carpet in the house, so maybe that’s part of it? I dunno.

For now we’ve invested in a door stop to allow only the cats downstairs and are hoping she quits being a shit biscuit soon. Until then, she has to be crated when we are gone and at night. Idiot teenager!

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