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March 25th, 2009
oh march, you are not being good to me

My boss emailed me a link she found on a forum today: It’s totally hilarious, especially since she (someone who is completely un-funny) sent it to me.

My dryer crapped out on me on Monday. Repair guy came, said it was the motor, and will be back tomorrow to fix it and take $360 (WTF). I now have two loads of wet clothes moldering in the washer. Awesome.

We have put down a deposit for the location and the photographer and chosen most of the menu for the wedding.. progress! Unfortunately I still have no idea what I’m going to wear and am stumped on the design of the wedding site. How hard can it be? VERY, FREAKING HARD.

The Chop is working late again tonight, so the dog is currently sitting at the door, making sad, whiny pitiful sounds. Where is Daddy? Why isn’t he here? I DON’T LIKE YOU AS MUCH AS HIM. The feeling is mutual goob.

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