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March 21st, 2009
2009 will not be my year.

About a month ago we found out that the best breakfast place in the area had closed and it’s unclear whether they’ll open again. It’s a crazy story: the renter (owner of the breakfast place downstairs) apparently had issues with the landlord (owner of the dinner place upstairs). The renter had been planning to move to a new location down the street, but was having trouble with getting a liquor license and zoning from the town. But then the renter allegedly ran over the landlord’s King Charles Spaniel “accidentally” and didn’t realize she had done that and drove away (the dog died). She claimed she didn’t hear it or feel it (but she was in a Prius… a silent, small car… wouldn’t you think you’d feel it?), I guess that compounded with all sorts of other things, and the next thing you know, their lease wasn’t renewed.

The week we got back from vacation, we heard another of our favorite spots had closed. It appears now they might be reopening in a few weeks, so we’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Last night we headed to another fav and yep, closed. They claim they’ll be open in two weeks.

This morning we drove to get coffee and cars were at a small restaurant that had opened last summer (seasonal, so it’s been closed now for almost 6 months). We stopped to ask when they were opening, and yup, they’re closed permanently. Didn’t make enough money last year, and just can’t take the risk in this economy.

Oh and did I mention my company (who had told us in December there would be a) no bonuses in 2009 and b) no 401K match, among other things), called everyone into their office (and some of us on the phone) and said that in order for them to survive, everyone was getting a 15% pay cut? Across the board, no fighting it, it starts on Monday.


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