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March 17th, 2009
coming home is no fun

I woke up this morning to the lovely sound of chainsaws… and it continued until 2PM. Granted they also brought in a backhoe and a tree grinder (chopper? thing they crush shit in?), so really it was a wondrous cacophony of noise that I got to work with today. And yes, it was as crappy as it sounds.

We’ve been back over a week now—I still wish I was there, the Chop just wishes he wasn’t going in to work, lol. We had discussed (for the past several months) eloping in Ireland—getting it out of the way in a gorgeous country. Why not, right? Sadly my mom is dead set on having an actual wedding, and between her normal level of craziness and the menopause, I had to give in. Sigh.

I’ve finally come out of the sheer mountain of work that awaited me when I got home—for more fun I caught some sort of nasty cold on the flight—and now I’m back to wedding plans and work. No fun.

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