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February 14th, 2009
plans, plans, plans

Yesterday my cat Ellie decided to kamikaze off the banister at the top of the stairwell. She fell with a shirt that was on the railing, and managed to twist her front leg. She was limping and her leg looked odd, so off we rushed to the vet. After waiting 30 minutes, and a 30 minute exam where she cried, hissed and struggled, the vet determined that she has a bad sprain. She determined that I am a bad mommy and should be avoided at all costs. Dandy.

I brought her back home, packed in a flurry, didn’t finish half the work I was planning too and left the house an hour behind.

We’re in Maine this weekend, checking out the venue, meeting a caterer and the photographer and hoping to solidify most of the plans for the wedding. We’ll see how well that goes, lol.

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