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January 13th, 2009
on phobias

Yesterday I took Regina to get a couple of her vaccinations updated and amazingly, the vet declared her at “her perfect weight.” (This is only significant because last summer they shamed us by saying she was five-ten pounds overweight and it was our fault. It turns out if you use the “cup” that comes with your dog’s food, it’s not actually a cup. It’s more like a cup and a half. Who’d have thought?)

Anyway, sadly for her this didn’t matter as she stood there on the exam table, shaking like a leaf, her tail tucked up into her nethers. Our dog is terrified of the silver table. We think it’s because she’s so scared of getting her nails trimmed, but who knows. She’s a pansy. The vet is standing there telling her she looks great, look at that waist, blah blah and she’s thinking, “I hate you. Stop touching me. Don’t talk to me. I WANT TO GO HOME.”


Plus when we left the house and I opened the car door for her, the ice that had crusted above slid down and sliced open the back of my fingers. That, of course, also terrified the dog. (Although it could’ve been partially the cursing.)

So things she’s scared of: ice falling from car doors, tall silver tables, the baby gate (um, I threw a ball, she chased it, the gate fell on her head, lol—it was plastic!), Petco (nails) and the driver’s side back door of my Jeep. I have no idea why, but she refuses to get in the car that way. We always have to be on the passenger side.

We’ve ruined our dog, lol.

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