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May 31st, 2008
you CAN keep some things private in a digital world

I am bored tonight, and what often happens when I am bored and the Chop is perfectly content (read: playing his PSP and watching a movie), I tend to page through the Internet (and I redesigned… you’ll probably need to refresh your browser a couple of times).

So this is yet another oddball post about Facebook. :D

My godsister recently got back from a mission trip and I knew she’d post photos, so I headed there first. She had an awesome time, is planning to move there for two years in six months and came back sporting braids, a nose ring and a very hot boyfriend. I’m not entirely sure her mother is as thrilled by these things as me…. ;)

I noticed some other people who had updated their profiles, and being curious (read: bored out of my fucking mind), I decided to see what was up.

And can I just say, if you have a goddamn private-ish blog wherein you blog back-and-forth with your husband who you are temporarily distanced from due to work, do not, I REPEAT, do not post a link to it on your Facebook account.

Because sometimes, people get bored, and they look for something to do, and they see a blog link and think, oo, cool, a blog I’ve never read, and then they click to it and then THEY WANT TO CLAW OUT THEIR EYEBALLS.

That is all I’m saying. Just keep it to yourself. I don’t need to know. No one does, seriously.

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  1. Godsister… now would that be the daughter of your Godmother? Just curious… never heard that before…

    Comment by ghetto gurrrl — Sunday.June.1.2008 @ 5:36 pm

  2. Anything good?

    Comment by The Sister — Monday.June.2.2008 @ 9:26 pm

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