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December 6th, 2007

Driving all the way up to work (60 miles), where it’s 5 degrees colder than at home (17), and finding out that the heat upstairs in your office area is broken is not a good way for my day to start.

That is a bad, bad thing.

Also that no one actually told the bosses. Wtf?

Fortunately the CEO had some space heaters she brought me, so I’m slowly defrosting.

However, I slipped coming down the steps outside this morning when Regina decided to bolt for a bird. I managed to stay upright, but twisted and one leg went off the porch whilst the other stayed inside, effectively doing the splits.

After much cursing, we were in the car and heading to work.

All was well until I released there seemed to be an odd draft on my thigh.

Yes. I ripped a hole in my pants.

Fuck it, I thought, I’m not turning around.

So now I am at work, in a room where it is hovering around 55 degrees, with a hole in my pants.

What a morning.

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