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May 28th, 2007
weekends are supposed to be relaxing

Saturday began as a rather typical weekend day. Reggie woke us up around 9ish (rather, 7 first, then 9ish, and to be true, she woke up the Porkchop, then I wandered out about an hour later), we lazed about on the couch, debating which errands we had to run first and wondering if it was really going to get insanely hot again (it did, 89).

Then I spotted something on Reggie’s eyelid.. a tick. Woohoo, we though we’d gotten rid of those, she’s had her tick treatment, etc., but apparently the eyelid didn’t take much of the repellent.

Therefor the next thirty minutes or so involved wrestling a dog so that we could aim tweezers at her eyeball to pull off the tick and hope we got the head. Loads. of. fun. for. everyone.

After this joyous occasion, the Chop and I jumped in the car to go to the grocery store, and whilst backing out, he managed to hit a tree. Fortunately, this broke the tension of the tick situation and we busted out laughing. Unfortunately, his bumper is a little bit fucked up, lol.

Once we got home and unloaded groceries, we piled the mongrel in the car and headed to Petco… where she got her demon claws, aka nails, clipped. She stayed relatively calm through the process, despite the fact that the employee assigned to distract her took a personal call on her cell while holding the dog. Amazingly, the nails got clipped and she didn’t nip the idiot.

Reggie goes through rawhides like a competitive eater, so we started heading down aisles, picking up food, a new toy (which, despite it’s “for tough chewers.. won’t rip!” slogan, she managed to yank the stuffing out of in ten minutes) and rawhides when lo and behold, a freaking Rottweiler blocked the aisle. I, being (understandably) petrified, promptly dropped some cat food and debated fleeing. Reggie, being freakishly calm, sniffed the Rotty, who sniffed back, and made friends. Chop, being Chop, was just very pleased I didn’t bolt the other way.

Can I just say, though, that if a mother fucking huge ass dog, with a reputation for attacking, suddenly comes upon you and stands literally five feet away sniffing your dog who is half their size and whose head can fit in his massive jaws it’s scary? So scary, in fact, that you freeze in place and sincerely hope his owner and your boyfriend will save your dog because you have become a puddle of inability in five seconds?

Saturday was a long, long day.

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  1. i love rotties. i think people give them a bad name. all the rotties i’ve know have been the sweetest tempered dogs evar. so nyah.

    now, if a giant spider blocked the aisle… i would be on the same wavelength as you.

    Comment by wendykat — Tuesday.May.29.2007 @ 6:47 am

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