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July 6th, 2005
What Makes a Great Day?

What’s the difference between the worst of days and the best of days?

My morning started off with an argument with my wife. We’re getting divorced so this isn’t anything new on the scene. I’ll spare you the details but in short she’s pissed at me and yes it is my fault.

I went to work. Things aren’t working. Broken things on websites with many customers. But hey, before I knew it, lunch was here. Lunch is my favorite part of the day, except for dinner or snacktime or — I can’t choose. (You get the idea)

I did lunch with my dad today. He wanted to do lunch with me to explain why I’m screwing my life up and why people should never ever get divorced. Apparently I need to be fixed. (I think he meant in the head but your guess is as good as mine).

I get back to the office.

More broken stuff and meetings. I remember that I have to call my mortgage company (I just sold a house) to figure out how to get my prepayment penalty waived. I’ll again spare you the details but I do not like it when my closing is 20 days late because my mortgage company (on a daily basis) fails to send my payoff statement. Then they charge me an additional 20 days of interest and stick me with a “prepayment” penalty because it’s a terrible thing to repay a loan.

I went to visit one of my rental properties. I convinced the previous tenant to move out after she decided to use the entire unit as a toilet for her and her cats. I found out today that removing the carpeting was a very good decision because it had maggots and fleas (and cat urine). She managed to take most of the drugs with her but left enough defiled crap to fill an entire 30 foot dumpster (rolloff) with no room to spare.

Now I’m sitting alone at home and I finally have time to really reflect.

Why does today seem like it was actually really great?

a) I learned that my cat can polish off an entire turkey sandwich while I’m not looking
b) I ate six times today
c) Ham was nominated as its own food group
d) The insider told me I’m going to receive a whole cow (and I just got my grill working)
e) Other

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  1. :) I’m going to go with option E, but that’s just me. ;)

    And a giant cow, a bucket of lobsters and whatever else your imagination can think up…

    Oh, and your cat is adorable—which one at the sandwich?

    Comment by the insider — Wednesday.July.6.2005 @ 10:37 am

  2. Calvin of course. There’s a reason he’s 15 pounds. It really was quite amazing although he didn’t eat the crust.

    Comment by the guest — Wednesday.July.6.2005 @ 10:43 am

  3. The Tenant

    If you ever wondered why some landlords don’t like pets:…

    Trackback by Pet Channel — Wednesday.July.6.2005 @ 1:24 pm

  4. Astonishing… good little Calvin. ;)

    Comment by the insider — Wednesday.July.6.2005 @ 4:40 pm

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